The Hope Annual Golf Tournament

As the summer months descend upon us and we are getting ready for the second half of the year, HOPE is in the air. I am writing to you today because I am hopeful that you will join me in an effort to raise money to help some friends of mine. With the help of some very special people I will be starting a fundraising effort to raise money for Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure.

I have a friend named Samantha Staab. She and her brother Tyler, suffer from a horrible neurological movement disease called Dystonia. Tyler was diagnosed with the disease in 2005, when he was 7 years old and a very active child. A few years later Tyler’s younger sister Samantha, my friend, was diagnosed with dystonia as well. The disorder currently has no cure and it progressively robs them of the ability to control their voluntary movements. Samantha and Tyler are AWESOME kids and are beyond brave in their fight with this disease. I am anxious to help in any way I can. So what better way than through my golf!

I am writing to you today to ask you to help me raise money for this wonderful cause. I am hopeful that you will agree to sponsor me in my Birdies for Hope campaign. We have come up with a fun way for you to sponsor me from now through the end of this year as I play Junior Golf tournaments and High School tournaments and try to raise money for Tyler and Sam long the way. This will give you a way to become part of a worthwhile cause and also keep track of my weekly progress on the links. I am so motivated to play well!!!!!

I have enclosed a “Rules Sheet” that explains my efforts in better detail. I hope you will join us in the “Grandstands” and become a part of the Tyler’s Hope team. It will definitely motivate me to make more BIRDIES!!!!!

Please find enclosed a “Rules Sheet” and a sign up form. If you are willing to participate for the rest of the year fill out the form and mail it back in the self-addressed return envelope enclosed. If you are unable to participate for the entire year and would rather make a donation you may do that as well. EVERYTHING HELPS!!! We will keep you posted on the events I play via email and you can visit the Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia page to track my progress for the rest of this year. I am confident that you will join me in my mission to help my friend.

“Hope is NOT a dream, but a way of making dreams become a reality”

With your help we can make Tyler’s Hope and dreams come true!!! (for Tyler and Sam)

Thanks you ALL for your continued support and follow me as I attempt to make BIRDIES for HOPE!!!

I Love you VERY much,


Current Total Owed:

  • Bogeys:  119
  • Pars:  200
  • Birdies:  25
  • Eagles:  1
  • Hole in One: 0

Total: $205.25

Sign Up - Birdies For Hope Make Payment

Individual Holes:

  • Double Bogeys or worse: $0.00
  • Bogeys: $0.25
  • Pars: $0.50 donation
  • Birdies: $2.50 donation
  • Eagles: $10 donation (has had 1 in her life)
  • Hole in One: $100 donation (has had 1 in her life)

In BIG Tournaments:
(against the BEST competition only – HJGT, FJT and State Events)

  • 1st Place: $25
  • 2nd Place: $10
  • 3rd Place: $5

As an example in my recent University of Florida Hurricane Junior Golf Tournament I had the following stats: (and I played well!!)

Round 1: 79 (9 pars and 9 bogeys)
Round 2: 85 (7 pars, 7 bogeys and 4 Double Bogeys)

I was 7th after Round 1 atnd 17th after Day 2. So the total donation for that tournament would have been equal to:

16 Pars x $.50 and 16 bogeys x $.25 = $12.00 (and I played AWESOME!!)

I will be playing in 10 tournaments this summer (18 holes each) , my High School season starting in September (about 8 9 hole matches) and a few Elite tournaments ( 36 holes) before the end of the year.