Progressional Diary

The Ides of March 2010

by Anonymous on Sunday, March 14, 2010 10:00 PM
Samantha has been having some sharp pain in her abdomen where her battery pack is located on the right side. Dr. Foote is concerned that this is the first sign of an infection. They called in a presription for an antibiotic that she started taking.

Today I came home a little early from work because Michelle is very sick with the flu and Tyler just called bcause he is sick also. When I picked him up, he had just started throwhowing up. Today I get a small taste of what "the saint" (Michelle) does all of the time. I have Samantha needing me to write her homework and help her while Luke is running around getting into everything. Michelle and Tyler are throwing up so I bring them water, cold towels, and whatever they need helpe with. I try to stay connected to the business so I have the phone to my ear half of the time. Sickness doesnt help the dystonia because fatigue and stress exasperate the symptoms.

I have spoken with several families lately that found out they know someone that has been diagnosed...

March 6th, 2010

by Anonymous on Friday, March 05, 2010 9:00 PM
Samantha continues to have some pain but continues to have less pain from her surgery every day. She went to her fisrt Deep Brain surgery programming on Thursday but we have not seen improvements yet. It is still early so we are not concerned with not seeing anything yet.

Tyler was checked last week for his programming and they found that he will need to replace his battery pack on his left side very soon. We are scheduling for it to be taken out and replaced the end of next month.

Samantha has a hard time sleeping at night. It is hard for her to lay flat on her back because it irritates her staples in her head and turning on her side is very difficult. She has adjusted some and is sleeping a little better but for several nights we have been up all night with Samantha.

Luke has woken up on several occasions and complained about his legs hurting. It is always when he is tired and I am not sure if they are sympathy pains beause he hears his syblings or growing pains or worste of all posibly...