Progressional Diary

December 11th, 2010

by Anonymous on Saturday, December 11, 2010 9:00 PM
This week was stressful with all of the different functions/events we were working on. Christmas parties, field trips for school, Season of Hope Race, and running the companies.

Michelle drove the kids around and went on two field trips this week with Tyler and Samantha.

The secret Pal struck again this week giving Luke money(learn to count change) and a card.

The kids are all getting very excited for our trip to Argentina. The dogs(Gator and Tebow) will be watching our friend Stephen Griffin while we are gone.

The doctors are looking into try a new lead or new unit to help Samantha. We have a few more things to try before we consider another surgery. Samantha looks and seems very uncomfortable at times. She also is "independent"(stubborn) and gets very frustrated not being able to do things for herself. We found a cool game for her to play where you put a card in a headband on your head and she still likes learning so she does her work books for fun.

Tyler plays his PS3 all the time with his friends but he gets great grades so I cannot say much.