Progressional Diary

January 28th, 2011

by Anonymous on Thursday, January 27, 2011 9:00 PM

Today Tyler participated in the regional science fair. He was invited to participate after winning first prize in Botany at his school. He got dressed up into a shirt, tie, and jacket. He looked pretty sharp and I could tell he was pretty excited. Soon we will find out how he did and see if he is invited to the next stage which is the States. I just wish I was smart enough to help him with his projects but he has surpassed me in his ability to think innovatively. He has a slight disadvantage not being able to talk and answer the judges verbally but he compensates by typing into his blackberry answers to anticipated questions. He is working really hard to gain weight because it is a constant struggle. Tyler has also been busy attending his baseball practices.

Samantha seems to be settling into a routine at school and continues to get great grades and work hard also. She seems really happy although her dystonia conitnues to progress. Tonight she has about twenty friends coming over for her birthday party....

January 12th, 2010

by Anonymous on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 9:00 PM

Tyler had National Junior Honor Society meeting this morning and starts his baseball team this afternoon. Coach Griffin and Coach McGriff are coaching the Westwood Middle school team together and asked if Tyler could be an honorary member again. He is excited for those experiences again and some of his buddies from the Mustangs are trying out for the team. Tyler is concentrating on calorie intake and putting on weight.

Samantha tried turning off her DBS this weekend to see how she was affected. She had a difficult time propping herself up or holding things. We noticed that her right ankle turned in like her left normally does and her movements increased. Our conclusion is that the surgery is effective although not as much at this point as we would have hoped. Her right side- similar to Tyler- seems to gain the most benefit. Dr. Okun is going to try and get more aggressive with her programming while we look at potentially and additional surgery for another lead sometime inn the future. They have...

January 1st, 2011 New Year

by Anonymous on Friday, December 31, 2010 9:00 PM
It is that time to create new resolutions. Some of mine are the same and some are different but I did write them down.  For Tyler's Hope we have big goals for 2011 and it should all start the third week of this month with our first board meeting of the year and a wine tasting event.

We had the good fortune of being able to take the kids to Buenos Aires, Argentina over the Holidays courtesy of Michelle's parents. This was a trip that I am not sure we will ever be able to do another one like it but it was a blessing to be able to expose the kids to a different culture and language. Each of them were able to pick up on some spanish, learning many new words.

The trip was very difficult for us and expensive relative to typical families that do not have handicaped children to deal with. The first area of difficulty started with the equipment needed to be able to take the trip. We had a wheelchair for Samantha (large) and an electric chair for Tyler but neither of these will work well when taking an airplane....