Progressional Diary

July 13th 2011 - Rehab

by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 10:00 PM

Tyler is recovering from his latest Deep Brain Surgery. There seems to be no complications from the surgery. His hair is growing out like crazy already. He is still having a problem with gaining weight and works very hard to get as many calories as possible each day. His weight remains one of our top concerns. His surgery has not shown the benefits he was hoping for yet. It is early and things could change drastically over time but for now he is having a harder time with the left side of his body. He had to turn off one of the electrodes that we know was giving him some benefit. His pronunciation of words seems better although very light and low. We can understand his speach a little more than before this surgery. Tyler starts rehab this week on his left side. He is also taking a Math camp where he is getting a jump start on next years math. He said it isnt that bad, they have some fun and he is learning a lot. I am taking him and a friend camping this weekend and fishing. I look forward to it.

Samantha continues to impress us and her physical therapist with her efforts to stretch and work on walking. She is able to walk from one furniture piece to the next right now and with her determination I am sure she will be walking on her own in the near future.

Luke is in golf/swim camp this week. He got a set of golf clubs and I thought he was going to sleep with them the first night. He has been playing hard and comes home worn out. He likes to hit the ball a long ways more than putting.

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