Progressional Diary

March 24th, 2012

by Anonymous on Friday, March 23, 2012 10:00 PM
It seems to be a very busy time of year. We just held the Tyler's Hope Summit in Gainesville Florida and many top researchers showed up to discuss the new ways and approaches to science of finding a cure. It was very motivating for the other scientists to talk about things and encourage each other. We have funded over $325,000 so far this year into science that does not include the other $200,000 we had already earmarked for the Li laboratories at UF. Two of the researchers that were funded at the Think Tank last year said that their results were so go that they have received much larger funding from NIH this year to continue their projects and bring them to clinical trial. I will post these and other projects under the Research section of the Tyler's Hope site soon.

Dystonia updates:

Tyler: He continues to have problems with his left arm and wrist. The arm stay pulled into the air above his head. His wrist may be contracted into a fixed position as it no longer is able to be straightened. This week he has been trying to tape his muscles up near his shoulder on that left side and try to activate other muscles that will help him keep that arm down. He continues to make small weight gains which I think will pay huge dividends for him health wise in the next year.