Progressional Diary

September 21st, 2011

by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:00 PM

A quick update and a good story.

Tyler's left foot is looser and is causing him to fall when he walks. The docs say it is a good sign to have that foot loosen up but Tyler has to work on building the muscles. He fell down the steps coming down the stairs this morning.

Samantha's foot has truned a little so she will need to try and tweak her settings so that it straightens out some more again. Her and Tyler go to therapy every week with Tyler going to both phyiscal and occupational therapy.

Luke is reading much better now and is adding using three digit numbers. Samantha works him hard asking math questions all of the time.

The good story: I am going to copy it at my office.

Gray/Robinson Attorneys at Law in Orlando sent a letter describing a unique way to raise money for Tyler's Hope.

Our firm supports"Casual Day for a Cause" on each payday friday. Each employee who wishes to participate contributes a minimum of $5 for the opportunity to dress professionally casual. The firm then contributes the money it raised to a local charity. Tyler's Hope was brought to our committee by Adam Pastis, a GrayRobinson shareholder. Tyler's Hope was chosen by our Casual Day Committee as our "Casual Day for a Cause". We are very proud to support your fine work to find a cure for Dystonia.



Tyler's Progressional Diary