Progressional Diary

December 2nd 2011

by Anonymous on Thursday, December 01, 2011 9:00 PM

Yesterday was a great day in our household. Luke turned 7 years old and had a wonderful birthday. The secret Pal struck again and continues to have an impact on my children's lives that will never be fully appreciated by everyone. Thank You secret pal.

Seven years old is a milestone in our house because of Samantha and Tyler both showing symptoms when they turned 7. I did not sleep much at all this week and I am sure it was because I am worried about Luke. Saint Michelle has been stressed also and we both pretend like that can’t be it. Luke was able to build a Lego boat all by himself yesterday which made me think his dexterity is good. Luke got basketball clothes for his birthday and starts basketball in a week or so.

Tyler started the day at clinic and was very excited to find out he gained another four lbs since he was last weighed. He also scored the highest score in school on his Spanish test (122) that he was worried about.

Samantha spent some time preparing in PT for the Season of Hope race on December 10th and had a really good work out.

I received two calls this week from people that I know that had someone in their family diagnosed with either Dystonia or Parkinson’s disease and wanted to be seen at the University of Florida’s Movement Disorder Center, home of the Tyler’s Hope Center of Excellence. Although it is unfortunate that these things happen, I was happy that we could help them.



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