Progressional Diary

January 14th, 2010

by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 9:00 PM

The time is getting closer for Samantha's surgery. I think Tyler is getting nervous for her. Today she had all of her preoperative work done and tomorrow she will be getting her MRI.  Everyone has been very supportive and believe me we are appreciative of that support. I do not believe that you get used to doing this. It seems like a huge risk every time and we are all a little nervous. I know that our doctors are the best at this and I am not just saying that. I also know that they care about Samantha and our family very much so that helps and I don’t have to threaten anyone. The surgery will be different without my father around because he was always the rock when it came to medical issues.

Samantha went to the Florida Women’s Lacrosse practice on Monday (Jan. 11th). It was awesome. I don’t think she has stopped smiling yet. They made her feel so comfortable and special at the same time. It was very encouraging. The ladies had Sammy do the cheer with them at the end of practice then took her to the locker room where they had written on the dry erase board inspirational notes to her. They all sat in a circle and talked for a while, took a big picture, and joked around. Some of them had siblings that were the same age as Sammy and told her they would be praying for her. We were able to tell al of them a little bit about dystonia. Needless to say, we will be attending all of the women’s Lacrosse games that we can. The official season starts mid February. They have already beaten Duke so I instantly loved them.



Tyler's Progressional Diary